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Thu, 09.03.2017

Working with Hometime 

At Hometime we are a dedicated set of individuals who  work together to ensure the daily functions are carried through.  Each worker is given the necessary tools to carry out each specific function in a working environment conducive for the full output potential of the staff. 

Who works for Hometime 

Our staff are persons who value their work giving it the utmost priority in and out of Hometime's work environent, valuing the customers and  the work required with a high sense of motivation and determination. We accept persons who are able to work in highly motivated dimensions with the highest level of education needed for each postion respectively. Positions avaliable are from Entry Level technicians, administrative staff, business support staff  to the Highest Management level. Reach for the stars and learn what we can do for you. 

Employee advantages 

Being apart of the ​Hometime family either as a Full time or a Contracted worker poses its great benefits. The career development of every worker is important to us and we work along side all employed to upgrade each workers status.  Compensation packages, Pension packages are just some of the benefits offered to the workers geared at the overall positive outcome of each worker. 

Available Positions of Employment 

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